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Hello. My live view (accessed through Chrome on my Mac) was working fine before, but today it suddenly just shows a grey screen for both cameras, even though the cameras are shown as connected. Also, accessing from Chrome on the PC, the displays sometimes turn into horizontal static lines.

2019-08-17 07:00:09****************************************
Purchase Country: Taiwan
Duration in-use of camera: a few months
Mobile device OS version ( find in app setting ) :
App version ( find in app setting ) :
Problem Type: live view in Chrome
Occurrence Frequency:
Problem Description:

by Yvonne

Dear Yvonne, thank you for the mail. Seems we have a system matter few hours this morning. Should be fixed now. Will send you another mail to describe more the connection steps.

Received Aug 13 reply from us ? Does it help ? Please kindly reply that email if still trouble. Thank you