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Answer of your leaving message
Purchase Country: online
Duration in-use of camera: many
Mobile device OS version ( find in app setting ) :iOS latest
App version ( find in app setting ) :latest
Problem Type:google drive backup option unavailable
Occurrence Frequency: nonstop
Problem Description:Hello there is a serious glitch with 4 of my cameras. I cannot revert to google drive from backup recording option on the settings menu. It only states my 30day trial period using the amaryllo cloud service has ended . Even after factory reset I get the same message. My cameras will not let me record any video footage . I even tried to purchase a service plan but my credit card always receives a payment failure response even though my credit card works fine everywhere else on the web for online purchases

2019-07-09 08:57:00****************************************
Purchase Country:
Duration in-use of camera:
Mobile device OS version ( find in app setting ) :
App version ( find in app setting ) :
Problem Type:iCRa0ep6t
iCRa0aj0z. iSSa0ca1r. iCMa0gh2t
Occurrence Frequency:
Problem Description:

by Kevin

Dear Kevin, thank you for contacting.

For cloud backup storage plan, we may need the 4 camera AMIDs to check further. It is on the app homepage of each camera. iCxxxxxxx. Thank you.

For the credit card matter, please kindly contact they will help to check if they can find the reasons for you.

Thank you for the information.
We have adjusted the system setting some. Please kindly check it – app setting again. You should see the cloud backup option available again.
PS. Camera records every second every minutes as long as there is a MicroSD card or internal built in storage which you can play back by Timeline on the mobile live view screen. This local recorded video is the buffer for cloud uploading as well.
If any question, please write to