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. Q: How to enable recording? How to know if my device's recording function is working correctly?

A: "1. Make sure you have a MicroSD card inserted.
2. Check MicroSD card status from ""iOS: Settings->SD CARD/Status. Android: Settings->Recording/SD card"". The status has to be Good, otherwise you can try formatting MicroSD card by selecting ""iOS: Settings->SD CARD/Format SD Card. Android: Settings->Recording/SD card/Format SD Card"".
3. Turn on ""recording"" from ""iOS: Settings->RECORDING/Recording. Android: Settings->Recording/Recording"".
4. Wait for 20 seconds, refresh recording status by selecting ""iOS: Settings->RECORDING/Status. Android: Settings->Recording/Status"", make sure it's ""Recording""."

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. Q: What other functions will not work if I disable recording?

A: The following functions require recording to be on -
1. Amaryllo Cloud/Google Drive upload
2. Alert with video clip

. Q: Why don't I see any videos uploaded to my Amaryllo Cloud/Google Drive?

A: The most common reasons why videos cannot be uploaded to the cloud successfully are:
1. No MicroSD card insert into your device.
2. A MicroSD card is insert, but the file system is not supported/ is corrupt. In this case, please try to reformat the MicroSD card, from (iOS: Settings->SD CARD/Format SD Card. Android: Settings->Recording/SD card/Format SD Card)
3. Recording settings is off.
4. Normally videos will take some time to be uploaded to the cloud, depending on the upload mode (continuous or event mode), and network condition. The range may vary from several minutes to 15 minutes or even longer.
5. The Internet connection is down or not stable.

. Q: What's the purpose of privacy mode? How to make it work?

A: In privacy mode, the device is in disarmed state, no video recording, no alerts and live video are all turned off.
You can set a device enter privacy mode by either selecting the “Privacy” button from toolbar to enter/leave privacy mode or setting the scheduling rules to control when to enter/leave privacy mode. Please refer to “How to create scheduling rules? What functions does it support? How does it work?” for the details.
In privacy mode state, both front blue and green lights will be off, the iCamPro will turn to rightmost position, and a stop sign indicator will be shown on your APP.

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