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Live View
. Q: How to create/remove viewer privilege for other phone/tablet or browser ?

A: You can create a viewer account of your camera to share it with other users with a limited access such as "live streaming privilege" only. With viewer privileges, the user cannot change the device settings, nor receive notifications, or access to the cloud.
To create/remove a viewer, go to (iOS - Setting->MISCELLANEOUS/Viewers list, Android - Setting->Viewer/Views list).
There are different types of viewers -
a. App - The viewer is for mobile device use. A QR code will be generated for the new viewer and he will need to follow the procedure below to transfer the viewer privilege to the new phone - From the new phone, go to "installation methods" page (if the new phone hasn't installed any devices, this is the default page, otherwise choose "Add camera" to go to this page. Choose "Retrieve access of an installed device" to scan the generated QR code.
b. Browser (Single) - A pair of AMID/passcode will be generated for the viewer. User can visit and sign in with this AMID/passcode to access the device.
c. Browser (Multiple) - Same as Browser (Single) except that with this type, the AMID/passcode pair can be used on different PCs/Browsers, while Browser(Single) viewer only allows access on single PC.

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. Q: Can I choose/set different pictures as my background for each installed devices?

A: You can change your device's ""wallpaper"" by pressing on the background button located on the main toolbar.
3 options are available -
a. Live video (It will take a snapshot from the live view and display it in the background)
b. Choose a picture from your photo album
c. Default background (device picture)

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. Q: How to check my current live video resolution?

A: The current live video resolution can be displayed on live screen - please go to (iOS: Settings->VIDEO CALL/Display resolution. Android: Settings->Miscellaneous/Display resolution.)

. Q: Why does the live video resolution keep changing ?

A: The live video resolution and bit rate will be adjusted automatically according to the real bandwidth between your APP (or Browser) and device. Depending on the network condition, the resolution may be changed between 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

. Q: How much bandwidth is required for a live streaming connection?

A: The bandwidth requirements between the app (or browser) and device for each live video resolution are as follows:
360p - 300 kbps
480p - 600 kbps
720p - 900 kbps
1080p - 1400 kbps

. Q: I have 50Mbps/10Mbps Ineternet upload/download bandwidth, why still cannot see 1920x1080 (FHD) quality live video ?

A: If you are using an Android device, make sure you set the max live video resolution to 1080p - go to Settings->Miscellaneous/Max streaming resolution to change the max resolution to 1080p. Please note that some Android devices might not have enough computing power to handle 1080p video streaming, which can lead to connection problems and video/audio lags.

A bandwidth of 50Mbps/10Mbps is only one part of the pipe between the two parties (APP and device). Bottleneck may occur somewhere in the Internet or even your WiFi network (WiFi bandwidth may drop significant if your device is too far away from the AP). For testing purpose, to see 1080p resolution, you may want to put both app and your device under the same WiFi network, and both are moved very close to the WiFi AP.

. Q: Can I set a upper limit to my live video resolution?

A: For some phones/tablets, which might not have enough computing power to handle high resolution videos, you might want to limit the max live video resolution. Please go to
(iOS: Settings->VIDEO CALL/Max streaming resolution. Android: Settings->Miscellaneous/Max streaming resolution)

. Q: How do I control camera's pan and tilt movement?

A: On the app's live view window, you can swipe on the screen to control iCamPro's pan and tilt movement.
Press and hold your finger at the center of live view window for panoramic navigation and motor calibration - camera will make a circle.

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. Q: How many concurrent live connections are allowed for each device ?

A: A max of 2 concurrent live connections are allowed if two-way audio is disabled.

. Q: What's "home position"? How to setup ?

A: The home position is camera's pan and tilt positions where you want your camera to have its main focus on. The iCamPro will return to home position...
1. After system starting up
2. After live streaming
3. When motion tracking is enabled, and no object has been tracked for 10 seconds.

You can set the current pan/tilt position as "home position" on the app's live view window, by selecting the icon with a "vertical downward arrow" sign. The same button is also used for blockout/activity areas settings, if you don't want to set blockout/activity.

. Q: What are the blockout area and activity zone? How to setup ?

A: You can set home position and blockout/activity areas from the app's live view screen, by selecting the "set home position" icon (the icon with vertical downward arrow" sign).
By drawing blockout areas, you block out those areas you are not interested in, ignoring all the events happening in those areas.
By drawing activity zones, you specify those zones you are interested in. The device will only report on events happening in these zones.
Only one type of area can be drawn on the screen, and up to 4 areas are allowed.
To switch between different blockout areas and activity zones, please go to (iOS: Settings->ALERT/Alert Zones->Mode, Android: Settings->Alert detection->Alert Zones/Mode).
Blockout areas and activity zones will be effective only at the "home position". You will get an "activity alert" if there are any events (excluding those, which have been filtered out) been detected when blockout areas/activity zones are effective.

. Q: What's the purpose of Motor Lock?

A: When Motor Lock is on, you cannot do pan and tilt control from live view screen.
Motor Lock can be turned on/off from (iOS: Settings->VIDEO CALL/Motor Lock. Android: Settings->Miscellaneous/Motor Lock.).

. Q: How to access my camera from browser?

A: 1. Download the latest Firefox browser.
2. Please refer to "How to create/remove viewer privilege for other phone/tablet or browser?" to create a browser viewer and get a AMID/passcode pair for that viewer.
3. From Firefox, visit, add a camera instance and enter the AMID/passcode pair to access your camera.

. Q: From browser, can I watch more then one cameras at a time?

A: Yes, from Firefox browser you can create multiple live video instances at the same time.

. Q: What kind of alert types will my iCamPro report? When?

A: There are seven types of them -
1. Motion alert - triggered when movement is detected.
2. Audio alert - triggered when audio sound is greater than the threshold.
3. Activity alert - triggered when there are motion events detected in the activity zones or when blockout areas is effective. "Motion sensor" has to be enabled to make "Activity alert" work.
4. Face alert - triggered when human face is detected.
5. Offline/online notifications - the device will notify you once it's no longer connected to the power and/or Internet (offline), or is connected back (online).
6. Live streaming notifications - triggered when sending/stopping live streaming.
7. Privacy mode notifications - triggered when entering/leaving privacy mode.
The settings for offline/online, live streaming and privacy mode notifications are off by default, to enable these notifications, please go to (iOS: Settings/EVENTS->System event notifications. Android: Settings/Alert detection->System event notifications.).

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. Q: What's the purpose of privacy mode? How to make it work?

A: In privacy mode, the device is in disarmed state, no video recording, no alerts and live video are all turned off.
You can set a device enter privacy mode by either selecting the “Privacy” button from toolbar to enter/leave privacy mode or setting the scheduling rules to control when to enter/leave privacy mode. Please refer to “How to create scheduling rules? What functions does it support? How does it work?” for the details.
In privacy mode state, both front blue and green lights will be off, the iCamPro will turn to rightmost position, and a stop sign indicator will be shown on your APP.

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