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Firmware Upgrades
. Q: Where to check the current APP and firmware versions?

A: Current APP and firmware versions are available under "Settings->About".

. Q: How to do firmware update?

A: When entering the "Settings" page, the Amaryllo app will display a 'new firmware available' message in case new updates are available. Just follow the instructions to do the firmware update.

Be noted that without a MicroSD card inserted, you can only update your firmware when the app and device are connected to the same WiFi network.

. Q: If my firmware gets corrupted during firmware update, how to recover?

A: Please follow the procedure below for the firmware update -
- Download file
- Uncompress it to the root directory of a MicroSD card (capacity should be less than or equal to 32GB).
- Insert the card to iCamPro FHD.
- Plug in the power cord.
- Wait till front blue LED and green LED are blinking. (About 2 minutes)
- Unplug power cord.
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again.

. Q: Where can I find the firmware release note?

A: From APP, please go to (Settings->About->Firmware version) for the release note.