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Amaryllo Live/ Browser Viewing
. Q: How to create/remove viewer privilege for other phone/tablet or browser ?

A: You can create a viewer account of your camera to share it with other users with a limited access such as "live streaming privilege" only. With viewer privileges, the user cannot change the device settings, nor receive notifications, or access to the cloud.
To create/remove a viewer, go to (iOS - Setting->MISCELLANEOUS/Viewers list, Android - Setting->Viewer/Views list).
There are different types of viewers -
a. App - The viewer is for mobile device use. A QR code will be generated for the new viewer and he will need to follow the procedure below to transfer the viewer privilege to the new phone - From the new phone, go to "installation methods" page (if the new phone hasn't installed any devices, this is the default page, otherwise choose "Add camera" to go to this page. Choose "Retrieve access of an installed device" to scan the generated QR code.
b. Browser (Single) - A pair of AMID/passcode will be generated for the viewer. User can visit and sign in with this AMID/passcode to access the device.
c. Browser (Multiple) - Same as Browser (Single) except that with this type, the AMID/passcode pair can be used on different PCs/Browsers, while Browser(Single) viewer only allows access on single PC.

Video link -

. Q: Why does the live video resolution keep changing ?

A: The live video resolution and bit rate will be adjusted automatically according to the real bandwidth between your APP (or Browser) and device. Depending on the network condition, the resolution may be changed between 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

. Q: How much bandwidth is required for a live streaming connection?

A: The bandwidth requirements between the app (or browser) and device for each live video resolution are as follows:
360p - 300 kbps
480p - 600 kbps
720p - 900 kbps
1080p - 1400 kbps

. Q: How to access my camera from browser?

A: 1. Download the latest Firefox browser.
2. Please refer to "How to create/remove viewer privilege for other phone/tablet or browser?" to create a browser viewer and get a AMID/passcode pair for that viewer.
3. From Firefox, visit, add a camera instance and enter the AMID/passcode pair to access your camera.

. Q: From browser, can I watch more then one cameras at a time?

A: Yes, from Firefox browser you can create multiple live video instances at the same time.

. Q: What's the difference between the APP viewer and browser viewer? Multiple and Single type for browser viewer?

A: Please refer to "How to create/remove viewer privilege for other phone/tablet or browser?" for details.

. Q: How do I do motor control and two-way audio from browser?

A: For motor control, just drag the mouse cursor on screen for pan/tilt control.
For two-way audio, please
1. make sure your device's two-way audio setting is on.
2. move the cursor to the bottom of the screen, and select the "two-men-talking" icon on the toolbar to activate two-way audio.