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. Q: What are the functions for each toolbar button?

A: You can swipe the toolbar of the main screen to display additional functions -
a. Privacy - Activate/Deactivate privacy mode which will turn the device into a sleep mode
b. Notifications - It will display snapshots, events, alert videos etc.
c. Cloud - Access your footage videos stored in Amaryllo Cloud/Google Drive.
d. Settings - Customize ,choose and configure all the features you wish to use.
e. Scheduling - Set scheduling rules to turn on or off the privacy mode.
f. Snapshot - Take an instant snapshot remotely, the taken picture will be available later in ""Notifications"".
g. Background - Set a different device background on the APP.
h. Add camera - Setup and add a new device or transfer and retrieve control privileges from other phones/tablet.
i. MP3 - Use your device as a speaker and play mp3 for entertainment.
j. Add WiFi - Generate a QR code to add another WiFi network setting to your device. Please refer to ""How do I add another WiFi setting to the camera which has no network access ?"" for more details.
k. Help - User manual.
l. Delete - Remove the installed device from the APP. Be aware that will not revert the device to default settings. It will just erase the settings of the device on your phone, please follow ""How do I revert the device to factory default settings?"" to install the device on another phone.

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. Q: What are the blockout area and activity zone? How to setup ?

A: You can set home position and blockout/activity areas from the app's live view screen, by selecting the "set home position" icon (the icon with vertical downward arrow" sign).
By drawing blockout areas, you block out those areas you are not interested in, ignoring all the events happening in those areas.
By drawing activity zones, you specify those zones you are interested in. The device will only report on events happening in these zones.
Only one type of area can be drawn on the screen, and up to 4 areas are allowed.
To switch between different blockout areas and activity zones, please go to (iOS: Settings->ALERT/Alert Zones->Mode, Android: Settings->Alert detection->Alert Zones/Mode).
Blockout areas and activity zones will be effective only at the "home position". You will get an "activity alert" if there are any events (excluding those, which have been filtered out) been detected when blockout areas/activity zones are effective.

. Q: What kind of alert types will my iCamPro report? When?

A: There are seven types of them -
1. Motion alert - triggered when movement is detected.
2. Audio alert - triggered when audio sound is greater than the threshold.
3. Activity alert - triggered when there are motion events detected in the activity zones or when blockout areas is effective. "Motion sensor" has to be enabled to make "Activity alert" work.
4. Face alert - triggered when human face is detected.
5. Offline/online notifications - the device will notify you once it's no longer connected to the power and/or Internet (offline), or is connected back (online).
6. Live streaming notifications - triggered when sending/stopping live streaming.
7. Privacy mode notifications - triggered when entering/leaving privacy mode.
The settings for offline/online, live streaming and privacy mode notifications are off by default, to enable these notifications, please go to (iOS: Settings/EVENTS->System event notifications. Android: Settings/Alert detection->System event notifications.).

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. Q: How do I turn off alert notifications while still be able to see pictures/event/videos when selecting "Notifications" from toolbar?

A: Please go to "iOS: Settings->ALERT/Alert Notification->Alert notification. Android: Settings->Alert detection/Alert Notification Policy/Do not send me notification", to stop the device from sending notifications.

. Q: What is notification policy?

A: You can set ""notification policy"" to define the notification sending behaviors.
Here are the provided options-
1. turn off alert notification.
2. send notification for every event.
3. Set a timer (Silent Period), and device will send notification if no events were been detected during the past configured period.

. Q: How to enable alert with video clips?

A: You have to subscribe to Amaryllo Cloud Gold or Platinum plan to enable video alert. When video alert is enabled, the iCamPRO will generate a short video clip for that event to replace the snapshot.

. Q: What other functions will not work if I disable recording?

A: The following functions require recording to be on -
1. Amaryllo Cloud/Google Drive upload
2. Alert with video clip

. Q: What's the differences between Amaryllo Cloud Basic, Gold and Platinum plans?

A: "There are three different plans for Amaryllo Cloud:
Basic - uploaded videos will be kept for 24 hours.
Gold - uploaded videos will be kept for 30 days.
Platinum - uploaded videos will be kept for 365 days.
Video alerts will be enabled when you subscribe to Amaryllo Gold or Platinum plan, "

. Q: How does intruder alarm/greeting function work?

A: You can select a customized or default audio to play as alert whenever an event is detected. The customized audios have to be stored in the /music folder in your inserted MicroSD card. Only .mp3 and .wav audio formats are supported.

. Q: What's the purpose of privacy mode? How to make it work?

A: In privacy mode, the device is in disarmed state, no video recording, no alerts and live video are all turned off.
You can set a device enter privacy mode by either selecting the “Privacy” button from toolbar to enter/leave privacy mode or setting the scheduling rules to control when to enter/leave privacy mode. Please refer to “How to create scheduling rules? What functions does it support? How does it work?” for the details.
In privacy mode state, both front blue and green lights will be off, the iCamPro will turn to rightmost position, and a stop sign indicator will be shown on your APP.

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